In this section we plan to present some of the writings of the Sisters beginning with those of our Sr. Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D


The Holy Night of Christmas by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

We Belong To You by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

The Compassion Of God by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

She Prays Within Me by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

Meeting Place Of God by Mary Joan Loebig, O.C.D. of Eldridge Carmel. First published in Spiritual Life, Spring 1990

Embracing and Experiencing New Experiences of God by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D. First published on the Official Website of the Carmelite Order.



Journey and the Joy Articles

by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

1  With Today In My Eyes

2  Finding New Fire and Following One's Bliss

3  The Human Vocation

4  Something New

5  How Gently You Awake

6  I Will Pray

7  The Hidden God

8  Candle In My Window

9  Be Good To Your Soul

10  God's Desire For Us

11  A Curious Happening

12  When Stars Are One

13  Many Ways To Pray

14  Mountain Within

15  My Treasure, My All

16  Nearness Of God

17  A Way Never Imagined

18  In Whom I Believe

19  Waiting For That Blessing

20  Pennies At The Crib

21  Hidden Springtime 


22  Shadow Of Your Wings  

23  The Imprint of God   (Thérèse)

24  I Will Bring A Lantern

25  Let Love Enter

26  Lead Us On

27  Moments of Greatness

28  Christmas In The Heart

29  Hidden In The Moment

30  The Fainting Robin

31  Wish of the Heart

32  What Shall I Give Thee

33  This Most Amazing Day

34  Mending A Wall

35  Gentle Offering

36  The Heart Remembers

37  I Have Seen The Lord

38  Being Found By God

39   A Secret Inside Of Us

40  A Tender Moment

41  In Every Season

42  Our Deepest Desire

43   A Hidden God

44  Waiting For The Gift

45  The Nearness Of God and Beyond

46  Ever This Day Be At My Side

47  I Am The One You Seek

48  When God Draws Near

49  Joy Of My Heart

50  Carmel In The Heartland - Carmel In The Heart

50  The Whisper of God

51  The God Who Loves Us



52  If You Love Something

       reflection from May 2003

53  Meeting Place Of God (rwked for J&J)

       from Spiritual Life Spring 1990

54  Finding New Fire and Following One's Bliss

         see number 2 above

55  God Is In This Moment

       reflection from September 2006

56  Making A Pathway For God

       reflection from Easter 2007

57  Embraced From The Beginning

      reflection from July 1998





by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

Everything Is An Experience Of God

July 1998 Embraced From The Beginning

Sept 1998 The Silver Link, The Silken Tie (Sir Walter Scott)

Nov 1998 Call Of The Mystic Heart

Dec 1998 The Gift I Most Desire

Jan 1999 With Today In My Eyes

Feb 1999 The Compassion Of God

March 1999 The More Of Life

Aug 1999 Live The Life You Imagine

Nov 1999 Adventure Of The Heart

Jan 2000 The Burning Bush

March 2000 Every Day Is A Good One

April 2000 Being Found

June 2000 Three Longings

Sept 2000 The Way, Given or Chosen

Christmas 2000 A Christmas Wish

Jan 2001 Resetting The Heart

Feb. 2001 Rise Within Us

March 2001 The Deeper Mysteries

Easter 2001 Living From One's Joy

June 2001  One Light Is Enough

July 2001 Hidden Ways of God

September 2001 What Has Shaped My Life?

September11, 2001

Oct 2001 Each New Morning

Dec 2001 God's Longing In Us

Dec 2001 The Love Who Comes

Feb 2002 Always There, Every Morning

Easter 2002 Where Is Galilee?

Pentecost 2002 To Be A Living Invocation

July 2002 No Event Too Small

September 2002 Meditation on 911

Oct 2002 Something Boundless of God

Oct 2002 Living From The Center

Dec 2002 Magi Of The Ordinary

Jan 2003 A Message In The Sky

Feb 2003 Hidden In A Small Moment

March 2003 Today I Weep

April 2003 Easter Sunrise

May 2003 If You Love Something

June 2003 Mystic Within

July 2003 I Did Not Know It

Oct 2003 My Vocation, My Mission

Oct 2003 Walking In The Promise

Dec 2003 Three Little Words

Christmas 2003 Seeing For The First Time

Jan 2004 That First Vision

Feb 2004 Today's Way Of The Cross




       Easter's Promise

April 2004 I Have Seen The Lord !

May 2004 Yet A Little While

                 Where Have You Hidden

Sept 2004 Those Little Promptings

Christmas 2004 When Will I Know?

Jan 2005 A Constant Calling

March 2005 Mary Teresa Reflection

Easter 2005 A New Experience Of God

2005 Pentecost and Our Innermost Heart

July 2005 The Way Of Carmel

Sept 2005 The Inexpressible Closeness of God

Christmas 2005 To Know With The Heart

Jan 2006 The Gift That Remains

Lent 2006 Finding Our Pathway

                 By Your Wounds, We Are Healed

                 Who Can See God And Yet Live

                  I Saw The Lord

Easter 2006 Seeing Differently

July 2006 With No Other Light To Guide Me

Sept 2006 God Is In This Moment

Oct 2006 The Way Chooses Us

2006 Keep On Playing

Feb 2007 God of Ordinary Time

Lent 2007 The Call To Come Home

Easter 2007 Making a pathway for God

April 2007 A Hidden Strength (Virginia Tech)

May 2007 To Know As We Are Known

June 2007 In The Shade Of God's Hand

July 2007 Carmel In The Heart

October 2007 A Word Hidden In the Heart

Advent 2007 To Shine Like The Stars

January 2008 The Less Traveled Road

Easter 2008 Easter In The Heart

Pentecost 2008 A New Heart and a New Spirit

2008 - Spring Weather

July 2008 One Step At A Time

September 2008 A Hidden Closeness

Christmas 2008 A Silent Night

Christmas 2008 The Holy Night of Christmas

Feburary 2009 One Day It Happened

Lent 2009 Walking With God

Easter 2009 Consider the Lilies of the Field

Summer 2009 We Belong To You

Prayer To Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Summer 2009 The Hidden God

Fall 2009 The Way Chooses Us

Christmas 2009 God With Us

Christmas 2009 A Tender Moment

Lent 2010 Lenten Resolutions and Godís

                 Longing For Us

Easter 2010 The Consolation of God

Oct 2010 Ever This Moment, Be at My Side

Christmas 2010 When God Draws Near

Jan 2011 The Tears of God

Lent/Easter 2011 Heaven Begins in Us

The Heart Knows Best



Cada día tiene su bondad

Ser encontrado

Excerpts from a tape recording made in 3/24/94

while Sr. Mary Jo was giving a retreat in Clinton IA

On Conversion