Christmas 2009

 God With Us

It seems that with Christmas there is a pronounced emphasis on the coming of God, with the accent on the word “coming”.  We do know, however, that with the first Christmas God entered into our history and into our lives. This has made all the difference in the world.  Little by little, with the help of the Spirit, and the celebration of each Christmas, we have come to know what this coming is all about. New insights and experiences come to us, and bring about a transformation of the heart.  This is such a moving event, that we need to take on Christmas little by little.  God wants our heart, and wants to be with us.

In John 14: 23, it is written that God will come to us and make a home with us.  Every day, as we come home from the busyness of the day, we might want to reflect on what it means, interiorly, to “come home”. Although God has been with us throughout the day, it would appear that God at home is with us in a different way.

It goes without saying that, in coming home after a long arduous day, we certainly need the unction and comfort of God. Possibly in this atmosphere, we will be able to come home to our true self, and find that self in the tender embrace of God.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D

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