July 2005  God-given promptings

The Way Of Carmel

Is Carmel really for everyone? Before we address this, perhaps we should discuss a related question, namely: What is Carmel?

As we return to these questions, the same response seems to emerge. Carmel is a deep longing for God and a believing that this longing can be satisfied even in this life. Many spiritual writers feel that this longing is part of our identity as human beings. They tell us that when we become entangled with life’s trivia, it is this longing that brings us back to center. Furthermore, we know from experience that this longing grows stronger with delay.

However, there are other aspects of Carmel. The Way of Carmel brings us face to face with all that is deeply human. The one who walks this particular way must be willing to embrace the sufferings, hopes and longings of all humanity as his or her own.

The beauty of Carmel is that it leads us to real joy and brings us to an awareness of our own goodness. It also teaches us how to weather the storm.

If Carmel is a longing for God, and all that such a longing entails, then indeed, Carmel is for everyone.


I will lead you into the land of Carmel, and there

I will speak tenderly to your heart.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


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