Easter 2010

God-given promptings

The Consolation of God

           In my studies along the way, I have found that there are some words that actually seem to bring into existence the reality they express.  The word “consolation” is one of them.  Just hearing the word appears to have power to effect a consoling movement within our hearts and spirit. We may even feel it all over.  The word “consolation” draws us into the heart of God and the deep love God has for us, including an awareness within of how precious we actually are.

     Related to this, John English, S.J., in Choosing Life, (pp.10-11), points out that once we have accepted our personal history, (our story), it is likely that we will receive a new experience of  “spiritual consolation”. Gradually, we come to know that our personal story is meaningful and that God not only loves us but is present to us in a way we could never imagine.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D


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