Consider the Lilies of the Field

 Easter 2009


    These are the days that call for radical trust and dependence on the God who brought us into this world.  Gospel writer, St. Luke, encourages us to think about the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.  The birds neither sow nor reap or gather into barns, and the lilies are arrayed more beautifully than Solomon. (Lk 12:2-34 ),   Indeed, they know how not to worry.

     Often, we have heard that we should not put off until tomorrow what we can do, today.  We could ask why we need to do everything, today, when we have a tomorrow? Is it possible that, sometimes, putting off until tomorrow may be a good thing?  Charles Peguy has a unique way of viewing this. In his meditative poem, Hoping and Sleeping, Peguy tells us what to do when we have tears in our eyes.  We are to put off those tears until tomorrow.  This is because between now and tomorrow, God may have passed our way.

     So, in this case, we will, indeed, be blessed if we put off until tomorrow.  We will also be blessed whenever we hope and trust, and go to sleep peacefully in the arms of God.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D

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