January 2011

The Tears Of God

These days, most people are wondering and concerned what they are to think of current happenings. We could say that regardless of the darkness and clouds of the day, we are called to trust God and one another. Upon reflection, there is a sense that God is crying with us. Surely, such tears will bring us healing.

Thinking and discussing recent occurrences with others, with an element of trust in the heart, has a way of bringing healing to where there is concern, fear and pain. May the tears of God heal our hearts.

It could be that along side our deep worry, there is something good and beautiful ready to make an appearance.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D

*St. Bernard observed: ‘God cannot suffer but He can suffer with’. God, who is Truth and Love in person, wanted to suffer for us and with us; He became man so that He could suffer with man, in a real way, in flesh and blood. To every human suffering, therefore, there has entered One who shares suffering and endurance; in all suffering con-solatio is diffused, the consolation of God’s participating love so as to make the star of hope rise (cf. Encyclical letter Spe salvi, n. 39). Quoted from:BENEDICT XVI - Message FOR THE NINETEENTH WORLD DAY OF THE SICK

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