Lent 2009

Walking With God

          Although no one has given a name to this, there seems to be a certain movement in the human heart that wants to “give up something” for the season of Lent.  For some reason, doing this seems to draw us closer to God and to our true selves, at least for forty days, or for the amount of time we may be faithful to our resolution.  As I ponder this aspect of our common humanity, I’m wondering what it would be like to give up our worries and anxieties for that amount of time.

     Elizabeth Johnson, in her book, Quest for the Living God, has a probing discussion on the pathos of God.  She points out that ours is a God who is deeply involved in the pain of the world, and a God of deep compassion.  It is this Presence that engenders hope and creativity in the midst of darkness that, at times, seems to have no solution.

     Lent also asks us to do something concrete. Formerly, there was a common practice among Sisterhoods, and in some places, it still is a practice.  Twice a day, at noon and in the evening, the Sister would pause and ask herself: “In what way, has God come to me this day?”    In our busy world, maybe we could pause at least five or ten minutes, once a day, possibly in the evening, and ask ourselves that question: “In what way has God come to me this day?”

     The beautiful aspect of this arrangement is the fact that our God never gives up being a God of pathos and a God who continues to walk by our side, even when we are not aware of it, or have not asked for the favor. 

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D

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