March 2011

  Heaven Begins in Us

If one readily studies the writings of  Karl Rahner S.J, the reader quickly comes upon the deep meaning of resurrection.  Just as there is the resurrection of Jesus, there is also our personal resurrection, if we take it seriously.

This may come as a surprise to many of us as we take on the different aspects of Lent, namely extra prayer, fasting, and the like.  We seem to be giving our efforts to God.  Rahner speaks of God who is rising within us, and changing us.  This is our resurrection, and our Easter happening. 

This is not a passing event.  It is an event going on in full. Easter will tell us what has happened.

Our own personal resurrection means that heaven has begun in us.  Gradually, as we allow ourselves to enter into this resurrection more deeply, we may ask ourselves just how we are changing.


Through the grace of God and the gift of inner resurrection, am I willing to change who I am?

Before God, we are called to learn who we are, and to be true to ourselves. God loves us, and wants to make us happy.  God also wants to come close to our true selves.  Eventually, we may be surprised with the person we are and how close God is to us.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D

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