Holy Saturday 2006

God-given promptings

Who Can See God And Yet Live


As Karl Rahner, S.J., points out, Holy Saturday is a strange day. There is no liturgy that day. Much like the very substance of our own daily life, it is a day between two very different days, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


Hopefully, some of our struggles (but not all) are behind us as we look with hope into the approaching light of Easter. We have experienced those wounds and met those struggles with courage. We have owned them, let them go, and given them to God. We know that they could return to us so beautifully transformed that we might not be able to recognize them. Where there is life, there is always the possibility of Resurrection.


We feel that if we could just touch the garment of the Risen One, or get a glimpse of those footprints, we would be healed for good. Better still, we long for the moment when the Risen One will come into the Holy Saturday of our lives and touch us.


There is something inside of us that tells us that this can happen and will happen. We believe this with our whole being. Already we sense that something is changing. We cannot explain it. There is a hush and a stillness. We see the rays of a sun that is about to rise. Gracious and saving God, never leave us. Rise within us. Rise all around us.

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


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