Lent 2006

God-given promptings

Finding Our Pathway


Recently, a new book found its way into our monastery, the title being Falling Into the Arms of God , by Megan Don. It is a meditative presentation of St. Teresa’s Interior Castle . The very title is inviting and soothing.


In the Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila , St. Teresa is quoted as saying: “It is important to understand that God does not lead all by one path.” (Vol. II, 99 ) While this may be true, often the way is not clear. Also, we all know what it feels like to walk a path that is not really meant for us. We are unique, and so are our pathways.


We may question just how one actually goes about finding this unique path. It seems like Lent is a good time to ponder such a question. Have there been times when we have actually fled God down labyrinthine ways as we tried to search for a path we thought would be our fulfillment? On the other hand, we may be on the right path and not know it.


If we think about, there may be signs indicating which way to go. For example, let us take just one day, recently. Can we say that our responses to all that happened that particular day were connected to our inner source, to our inner God? Did we even take time to reflect on this?


When was the last time we actually experienced deep peace? Where there is true peace, there is God. Looking back over our lives, and tracing the patterns of peace, is also helpful. Then, too, there is that certain event that seemed to light a fire within us. It may have been a casual happening or just a simple statement by someone. Something within us resonated. We found ourselves thinking, ”That’s it! That’s really it.”


Strange as it may seem, vulnerability is also a part of our treasured path. In this, God walks with us. God wants to guide us, hold us and comfort us.


Sometimes, there really does not seem to be a sign that we are walking the path that is meant for us. Actually, it could feel like the opposite. We may feel just plain lost, and without a guide. Usually, this is only for a time, and not meant to be forever. During these moments, we are asked to be quiet and to trust. Even though we do not see the path ahead, God does see it, and will not let us down. Later, when we look back, we will see how everything fits together.


Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.




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