May 2003 I am confident that the One, in Whom I believe, will guard with tenderness, what has been entrusted to me. (2 Tim. 1:12)


If You Love Something


     Sometimes, I wish I could have met all those people who gave the world quotable quotes and then left this same world with the illustrious title of “Author, unknown.”   In my own life, I find that there are quotes that keep coming back.   One recurring saying is: “If you love something, set it free.

  If it comes back, it is yours.   If it does not come back, it was never meant to be.” (Author, unknown)   Maybe the reason why some quotes endure, in spite of not knowing the name of the author, is because, initially, these words emanated from the Heart of God and are meant to be universal.

     There are times, because of circumstances, we are forced to let go.   Paradoxically, difficult times may end up serving us well in this. But, even if letting go is one option among others, why is it good to set free that which we love?   Hopefully, we do it for the sake of the something, or the someone, we love.   Also, there is always the possibility that we are shaping our lives in a manner counter to the gift given, and, more seriously, counter to the person we really are.   Letting go is what mystics refer to as purification.

     Strangely, we want to hold on to things that were never meant to be a part of our world.   This “holding on” can prevent us from discovering, and seeing, what is really meant for us, things that, if accepted, will make us very happy.   The other side of this, of course, is to accept with serenity what is meant for us, and to give thanks.   In the face of this, it behooves us to pay attention to what keeps coming back, even though what appears may be in a different form. This returning could be from God.

     I like to think that the Spirit, like a good shepherd, guards and holds with tenderness what is ours, always telling us which way to go.   What kindness on the part of God!

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D. 


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