Spring Weather 2008

The rains came and the winds blew, and the tornados threatened. We were told that this kind of weather only comes to the mid-west every five-hundred years. We prayed that if the tornados had to form near us, they would not touch down. We were spared.

However, there is always a ray of hope. Like the story in Genesis 9:12, a few days later, we were given a double rainbow across our land. And God said, "This is the sign I am giving for all generations to come. I will set a rainbow in the clouds as a sign that I am always with them."

We continue to pray for those who were victims of the rains, the winds and the floods brought about by an unfriendly nature. May the Good Shepherd bring much needed help and encouragement to the victims. And, may the Lord of the Harvest, through some miracle, bring to fruition a planting that took place in the spring, here in the garden spot of the U.S..



Neighbor's soybean and corn fields


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