Christmas 2008

The Holy Night of Christmas


Soon, the Holy Night of Christmas will be upon us. It will bring a night, bearing light and warmth. Truly, this Holy Night wants to find a home within us.


Karl Rahner, S.J., tells us that there exists in our heart an inner land where, often enough, we go alone and where only God can find a way. Although Christmas is certainly a time for going out to others, it is also a time for entering that sacred sanctuary deep within us. Rahner even encourages us to sing our own song to God, and to believe that God hears us.


In the depth of that Holy Night, we will hear a gentle word of love telling us not to be worried about the future, but to trust the God who is making a path before us.


Inspired by K. Rahner, Everyday Faith , Holy Night

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D

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