May 2004 Your gaze is enough.

Yet A Little While

     It is the Eve of the Ascension, and it is thundering outside.   Although I really do not feel like an orphan, as the Readings suggest, I do sense that Someone is going away.   I find myself wanting to ask this Someone to take along the fragments of my life and to place them before the throne of God.

     We do not have mountains here in Iowa, only lush green fields and gardens.   So, my prayer is on the plain.   It is this prayer I share with the world.

     “What I am, You assumed, O Lord – my frail humanity, my trembling heart, and a mind that simply cannot fathom Who You are.   I will wait this little while.   When Your Spirit comes upon us, Lord, return what I offer this night, this day, well-meaning fragments of my life, utterly transformed just by having been near Your presence. Your simple gaze is enough.”

Sister Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


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