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Foundation Two  Milwaukee


Foundation Three Sioux City


Snippets of Our History as first reported and digitized by The Catholic Messenger, Davenport, Iowa.

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In order to preserve the authenticity of the achieved material as it is presented, we have not made spelling or additional corrections to most of the material. The old newspapers that are the source material are probably in various states of deterioration due to age. Nevertheless, the snippets provide an exciting and valuable collection of the way our charism was viewed over time. It is also a tribute to all that have gone before us that have worked to make Carmelite Life possible for us today.

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Iowa  Davenport  Catholic Messenger   Thursday , June 4th , 1981


(photo from Monastery archives including Sister Karen Looney: first on left)




July 12th, 1990



Iowa  Davenport  Catholic Messenger   Thursday , May 30th , 1991

Iowa  Davenport  Catholic Messenger   Thursday , May 3rd , 2007





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