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The Quad-City Times, Iowa July 10, 2004

Catch a failing raindrop

    "With all the rain, some of us have been trying  out different ways to deal with the mosquitoes, "writes the clever/poet editor of the summer bulletin of the Carmelites in Eldridge, Iowa. "As a result, we have adopted various costumes when going out to the garden, anything that resembles that of a beekeeper to something that makes us look like a wise woman from the East (Eastern Iowa, that is). We have found that a few dabs of vanilla on the forehead, chin and behind the ears are quite helpful. It is important, though, not to use too much vanilla lest one end up feeling like a chocolate chip cookie.

      Once in a while when things are unpleasant, we try to think of something nice to offset the situation. We read that there is such a thing as a rain stick. If one catches a raindrop just right, one should be able to hear music in the raindrop. What a lovely thought! The poet says that the music is like entering heaven."

      Those are comforting thoughts, the next time your're caught outside without an umbrella and get soaked!

From: Bill Wundrums column

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