Spring 1997

I desire only what the season brings.

Dear Friends of Carmel,

Something seems to happen inside the human heart with the change of season. Maybe, that is because the heart, too, has its seasons. At least that is our experience here at the monastery.

Touch the flower and I am there. Plant the seed and you will find Me.

Outside, truly the "daffodils have come before the swallow dares and are trying to take the winds of March with beauty." ('Tis a bit of Shakespeare you are reading here!)

I do not wish a rose in winter nor the snowfake in May.

All winter long, our generous neighbors pushed mounds of snow off our parking lot and driveway. They said the machine was much like a big toy. Although we didn't tell them, we prayed that their fascination would never end.

In every human heart, there is a special heaven whole and unbroken. C.G.Jung

On Feburary 8, our Bernadette became Sr. Bernadette of the Sophia of God. She received the habit of Carmel and joined Sister Theresa Anne of the Trinity in the next step of her integration process.

After Christmas, we looked forward to spending the slow winter months drawing up plans for a simple bell tower, honoring our Sister Miriam Meade.

So, little by little, in between erudite discussions on the new paradigm shift in the world, the bell tower (design only) is taking shape. We may even have an aerial on the top signifying what our life is all about -- praying women, anchored in good earth, at the heart of an evolving world.

Someday, the inner light will shine from us, and then we shall need no other light. Goethe

We continue to pray for you every day. The big blue sky bends down to encourage each little seed. May this same blue sky be a sign to you that God is always with us and may you find that special heaven whole and unbroken in the most unexpected places. We wish you every joy. Happy Easter!

Your Carmelite Sisters in Eldridge, Iowa

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