Monastery Memorial Cards - CHRISTMAS



As a special Christmas gift, the Carmelite

Sisters of eldridge, Iowa, have been asked

to remember you in their Life of Prayer.

May this Child of Promise

bring many blessings upon you.

Requested by:_______________________


The picture on the front of this card depicts a traditional image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It is a photo of the stained glass window, situated above the organ, in the former Bettendorf, Iowa, Carmelite Monastery chapel. In the book, Carmel On the Mississippi, written by Sr. Therese McDonald, O.C.D., in 1926, we find in the chapter on the Pater Noster Chapel a description of this window and the suggestion that it is modeled on an early icon that, according to legend, was painted by St. Luke. Today, we would further recognize it as being part of the artistic type, or group of Tenderness icon images, that show affection between mother and child. The main theological theme of these images is the Incarnation.

The chapel itself was first erected in Davenport, Iowa, at 15th and Brady Street, in 1911. Later the chapel was rebuilt on a bluff in Bettendorf, adjoining the monastery. In 1975, the Bettendorf Monastery and Chapel were sold, and the Community of Carmelite Sisters moved to Eldridge, Iowa, where they are presently located. In 1993, the Sisters erected a new Chapel on the Eldridge site.


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