Mission Statement

April 12, 1994

1. As women of faith, in the spirit of carmel, we freely respond to the call of the Holy Spirit by striving to live the Gospel values of Jesus in a contemplative lifestyle of prayer which incorporates a balance of community with solitude and silence.

2. In response to the unfolding mystery of our Teresian charism within the mission of the Church, we commit ourselves to evangelical self denial and the pursuit of perfect charity. In the process of ongoing conversion, both personally and communally, we are open to the Spirit in all of life as we are continually transformed and called into the future.

3. We believe our contemplative life of prayer is both prophetic and apostolic. Bonded in deep sisterhood we listen with creative fidelity to the signs of the times and strive to witness authentically to the reign of God through loving service to God's people, to all of creation and to one another.

Prayers Of The Carmelite Mystics

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