Newsletter - Spring 2011

Dear Friends of Carmel,

Often when we are writing this Spring newsletter, it still looks like Winter outside. This year, however, it is truly Spring!

To our surprise, as we pondered the beauty of Spring, we came to a new insight. Heaven begins in us. In reading the writings of Fr. Karl Rahner, one rather quickly comes to a new idea regarding the meaning of resurrection. Just as there is the resurrection of Jesus, Fr. Rahner points out that we, too, may have a personal resurrection, an Easter happening within us, at any time.

This may come as a surprise to many of us as we take on the different aspects of Lent, that of extra prayer, fasting and the like. Fr. Rahner speaks of God who is rising within us and changing us. This is our resurrection, our Easter happening.

Our own personal “resurrection” means that heaven has begun in us. Gradually, as we allow ourselves to enter into resurrection more deeply, we can ask ourselves just how we may have changed as we have come nearer to the Lord and to our true self. How have I changed? And, who is my true self?

Through the grace of God and the gift of my innermost resurrection, gradually I become who I am, embraced by God.

It happened this year in the life of our Sister Catherine, who is now enjoying Spring in heaven. On March 5, Sr. Catherine Luth of the Holy Family said good-bye to us and went to God. Without a doubt, we miss our Sister, who will always be written on our hearts. She left with a sense of encouragement for us. Her previous sunshine smile and bright eyes convinced us that she will not forget us, just as we will not forget her.

Now as we look out on our land, signs of Spring abound. New flowers are blooming every day, birdsongs have returned in abundance, the garden is being readied for planting, and even the sunrises and sunsets are more lovely. Trays of seedlings preparing for planting are in the cold frame and on the deck. Out in the garden, garlic and other overwintered crops are poking up their green heads as if to welcome the anticipated newcomers.

This is the season to have hope rekindled.
Expect your prayers to be answered.

The winters of life do not last.

Birds are singing, and flowers are appearing in our land.
Spring is astir in the soul of my world.

                                                    Sara Ban Breathnach, adapted

As gift, when it is not raining, an array of loveliness in the western sky comes to greet us each evening with its beauty and peace. We are left with the sense that God will always be there for us.

We want to assure you, dear friends, that as Spring moves on into Summer, we continue to keep you in our hearts and in our prayer. May our loving God bless you with an experience of resurrection in your own hearts! As we pray together, let us expect our prayers to be answered.

Love and Blessings,
Your Carmelite Sisters in Eldridge, Iowa

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