Summer 1998


starsDear Friends,stars

"But we, being ordinary people have only our prayer and our dreams."And, these dreams have carried us far.

By the time the novena to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel begins throughout the land, and the whole world, all kinds of activity will be going on to the south of our old wing. The name of this activity is called adding on ten rooms. Poetically, we refer to it as "Furthering the Dream".

Anticipating our next mailing, we have been taking pictures of ourselves. It is quite a feat to have fourteen people say, "Cheese," look holy and happy, have all their faces show with no eyes closed, and have all this happen at once. Yes, real community comes in many forms.

Our preparation for Pentecost was enlivened by a retreat around the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, we asked for all kinds of gifts for you and for us.

But, most of our time has been spent deciding just how we want the new addition to be, and believing that it will be.

Since we have become quite expert in furthering dreams, we promise to pray for your dreams, every day. May your Summer be blessed in every way.

***Follow the path that chooses you.***

Your Carmelite Sisters in Eldridge Iowa.

Carmelite Monastery
17937-250th Street....
Eldridge, Iowa 52748

Novena Prayer ---July 16

Mother of Mount Carmel hear!...When we call oh be thou near.O Woman of God's Time and ours,

and home of every season of the human heart, you rose up in the quiet prayer of those who first walked the way of Carmel. Rise up in our prayer and in the events of our day.Grant us access to our own hearts.


O Season of God, who holds in embrace the abundance of Summer, allow us to serve a holy purpose, though we may not know it. With you, may we find a peaceful home in any outcome. Sometimes, the moment comes when Another leads. Be with us at those times, then, when we are led to an inner place where we have never been before.


O Companion in the Night and Heaven's Comfort by day, enable us to see the Way hidden in the way and to surrender when the way chooses us. May we always follow Providence.

We place this cause in your hands. (3 Hail Marys)

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us.

This is my driving thrust - to be found by God!


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