O Saint of the dusty road and pilgrim heart, we believe that there are some mysteries in life that can only be grasped in wonder and difficulty.

With confidence and deep trust, you told us that the one we pray to is already close to us and will not fail to hear us.

We too, bequeath our souls to this Loving Presence, and with trusting spirits, place this cause in your hands.

..........Holy Teresa of Jesus, Pray for us......

Our Father

Autumn, 2002

Dear Friends of Carmel,

We tell ourselves that there are two ways to forget one's troubles. The one is to wear tight shoes. The other is to watch the wild geese flying south. Somehow, these birds know when winter is coming and just where to go. They also know what to do when they get tired. The leader retreats, and another bird takes over. Speaking of things high up, we had an aerial photo taken of our monastery. It's nice to see what we look like from heaven.

Recently, we sponsored a short Contemplative Experience for single women who would like to experience our life, first hand. We had two beautiful women join us for that in July. Another is scheduled to have this experience in September. Our lives were enriched by their presence, and rich new bonds were formed. Our garden never looked so weedless, at least while they were here.

On August 12, our Sister Mary Jo Loebig celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Vows. She sends this message: Some people jokingly say that I was born in a convent. I do give thanks for all those who have been a part of my life. And, certainly, I thank God for my own Carmelite community who has been so good to me.

As usual, we dedicate all of October to St. Teresa and St. Therese, our Autumn saints. On one of her trips to the Lisieux Carmel, a friend brought back different photos of St. Therese. We want to thank "The Friends of Carmel," who have been so faithful in remembering us. Know that we pray for you often.

Dear Friends, may your spirits be nourished by the beauties of Autumn. We will pray that it happens. Know that you remain in our love and our Life of Prayer.

.................................Your Carmelite Sisters - Eldridge, Iowa


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