Expect Resurrection

By Lynne Elwinger, O.C.D.

Troubled times have a way of bringing with them more questions than answers. † Our Ash Wednesday to Easter journey this year finds us facing issues of war, terrorism, economic problems and many personal challenges. † As I reflected on this, a scene came to mind of the disciples who, with Mary, were waiting anxiously in the Upper Room after Jesusí crucifixion, not knowing what was going to happen to them. † There is an atmosphere of this same anxious waiting in our country today. † There is however, one very big difference between our waiting and that of the disciples. † We know that we can expect resurrection to happen in every situation in which we find ourselves. † This changes everything.

All Meet In The Heart Of God

Now we know that we are not alone in this walk. † We go accompanied by Jesus who promised to be with us until the end of the world. † Coming with us are people of every race, age, nation and creed who struggle with the same problems and ask the same questions. † As we go into prayer, we take all of them with us, knowing that as human beings we have more in common than we have differences. We are all suffering from the lack of peace in our world. † Our personal prayer for an end to the suffering, for peace among people, and for healing, impacts not only our own lives and the loved ones for whom we pray. † It becomes united with the prayer of people everywhere who are praying for the same ends. † We all meet in the heart of God. † Jesus showed us that God suffers with us, as well as for us, and understands all that we are facing in our lives. † Rather than feeling alienated by our worries, we can be strengthened by the knowledge that we are one with suffering people everywhere. † We are all in this together and our united prayer can be powerful.

Godís Strength Comes Forth

Most of us feel powerless at times in the face of these world-size crises shadowing our lives. † Yet, if we are willing to remain in that place of powerlessness, despite the discomfort of not having the answers, we can create the very space in which God can act in ways we could not imagine. † In our moments of weakness, Godís strength comes forth.

As we empty our hearts of our own agendas and plans and worries and take refuge in the heart of God, we become available to be filled with Godís infinite love, courage and hope. † We donít need to understand all that is happening or to have specific answers to all our questions, but only to be willing, in the midst of our suffering, to stand firm in Godís embrace. † The challenge is to wait in the place of vulnerability, helplessness, and ďnot-knowingĒ, continuing to trust that Life will triumph in our lives and in our world. † But this we can do because Jesus has shown us that we can expect resurrection.

I expect resurrection from every death,

however little, however frequent.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††                                                                                   †† Evelyn Underhill

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