Carmelite Publication - Fall 2010

           Journey and the Joy!            

                                                       Volume 12 Issue 3       Fall 2010            





My Vocation Is Love.







4   Hope and Contemplation

      Miriam Hogan, O.C.D.


7   I Am The One You Seek

      Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


9    Holy Darkness

      Carol Strzynski, O.C.D.

11   Anchored In God

        Lynne Elwinger, O.C.D.


16   Awakening God

         Teresa Susan Dreyer, O.C.D.


22   Search For Serentity

       Jeannette Doran, O.C.D.


24   Friends Along The Journey         

           JonFe de Torres, O.C.D.


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