Carmelite Publication - Spring 2008


Journey and the Joy

Volume 10 Issue 1        Spring 2008  





4 I Have Seen The Lord

     Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


7 We are God's Handiwork,

   Created In Christ Jesus

     Margaret Dorgan, D.C.M.


10 Jesus The Gate

       Teresa Susan Dreyer, O.C.D.

13 Faithful

        Carol Strzynski , O.C.D.


15 Peace Pathways

      Mary Jeannette Doran, O.C.D.


18 Spirit Of Mary

     Miriam Hogan, O.C.D.


22 Greening The Soul,

     Greening The World

          Lynne Elwinger, O.C.D.

25 Hope In Hard Times

      Joan McCorkell , O.C.D.

27 Crisis And Transformation (excerpts)

     Vilma Seelaus, O.C.D.



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