Carmelite Publication - Winter 2007


Journey and the Joy

Volume 9 Issue 4       Winter  2007  


Front Page: Detail of Roses In December

by Brother Claude Lane, O.S.B. © Mt. Angel Abbey






4 The Heart Remembers

     Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


7 Focus

     Miriam Hogan, O.C.D.


10 Something New

       Lynne Elwinger, O.C.D.

14 Being The Good News

        JonFe de Torres, O.C.D.


18 Come! Come!

        Margaret Dorgan, D.C.M.


21 Early Winter’s Light

     Teresa Susan Dreyer, O.C.D.


23 Traveling With Magi

          Carol Strzynski , O.C.D.

25 Into The Deep

      Mary Jeannette Doran, O.C.D.









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