Carmelite Publication - Spring 2002

Journey and the Joy!.................Volume 4 Issue 1

cover text

(In the radiance of Easter, Earth is caught up in the Heart of God, forever.)

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Pilgrim People by Lynne Elwinger, O.C.D.

Many Ways To Pray by Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.

My Two Names by Catherine Luth, O.C.D.

Why Ponder? by Mary Nies, O.C.D.

Our Deepest Desire by Ruth Elsbernd, O.S.F.

Mirror Images by Cinde Becker, O.C.D.

Easter Symbols by Miriam Hogan, O.C.D.

A New Look by Veronica Bagenstos, O.S.F.

Experiencing The Gap by Elizabeth Hillis, O.C.D.

Gift of the Word by Jeanette Doran, O.C.D.

When A Door Opens by Carol Strzynski, O.C.D.


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