A Meditation For St. Joseph's Day - by Sister Brid Carrick, OCD


© copyright 2004 by S. Brid Carrick, OCD


by Sister Brid Carrick, OCD

Sr. Brid is a member of Tranquilla Carmel, Knock, County Mayo, Ireland

Joseph! Chosen from eternity,

one with Mary in the Father's call
to mirror forth on earth His Own eternal Love;
that love which is Mercy, tender, strong, unfathomable.
Go to Joseph!
Mary was the first to hear those words and to obey.
A virgin, trembling on the threshold of womanhood,
awed by the Spirit's call
to dedicate her life to God in single-hearted love,
did she not at times wonder?
Who will understand my way? Must I remain forever an enigma?


   Did the Spirit then not whisper, deep within, “Joseph! Go to Joseph!”?
And Joseph did not prove unworthy of her trust.
Within the sheltering mantle of his love she was secure.
Her hand in his, she knew no fear
and was set free to walk her destined path in joy.
Go to Joseph!
Jesus, a boy in Nazareth, heard these words.
We see him, a child, come running, eager:
“Mother, the wild olives are ripe! May I go
to the hills with my friends to gather some?”
Mary smiles. “Of course, son, if Joseph says so. Go to Joseph.”
Then, a boy's light voice goes running through the woodshed,
calling, “Abba! Abba Joseph!”
A woman comes, bowed with care.
Her husband needs a plow, but they are poor and
cannot pay just yet. Perhaps when harvest comes….
Mary soothes her.
“Go to Joseph. Joseph will provide.”
When God calls, it is forever.
Until the end of time Joseph still provides
for all the brothers and sisters
of the one who long ago in Nazareth
called him,
“Abba. Abba Joseph.”
                                       Sister Brid Carrick, OCD

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