Logo And Symbols

logo for Eldridge Carmel

LEGEND: Carmel in the heartland has no mountains. Instead, it is surrounded by spreading fields of grain and rich black prairie land. Hence, there is the low-cast "M" with a sun, representing its unusual sunrises and sunsets.The star in the "C" is the light that burns within. Its reflection in the unclouded sky invites all who see it to lift up their hearts.The gentle daisy represents the strong but gracious feminine rising from good earth.

Shield Of The Carmelite OrderCarmelite Shield: Since the 16th century, the traditional Carmelite coat of arms has undergone several revisions and interpretations. Chief among the images depicted are the cloaked shield (symbolizing the Carmelite habit), the crown with its five-flowered points and stars, and the hand grasping a flaming torch. The cross above the shield came later. Scattered in strategic parts of the field are three stars, symbolizing the three eras of Carmel. Surrounding the shield are the words of Elijah, the prophet: "With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of Hosts." In modern time, people like to see Mt. Carmel within the shield and the crown as representing Mary.
woman with arms uplifted in prayer for the world with the cross in the background

Bell Tower: This symbol graces the top of our bell tower. She represents the praying woman anchored in good earth. The sacred sound of the bell, originally christened "The Voice of God" in 1916, summons everyone to what is important in the present moment and to all the good that can be.


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