The Call to Carmel

- If you experience a strong attraction to prayer and an abiding hunger for God

- If you are a single Catholic woman

- If you feel drawn to do something that will help the world and touch all people

-If you believe that prayer and holiness of life are valid ways of responding to a gracious God, who is always at work

-If you experience a deep desire to give all


Vocation Directress
Carmelite Monastery
17937 250th Street
Eldridge, Iowa 52748-9425 U.S.A.

Our Monastery also offers an Associate Program

This program is open to any baptized Catholic or Christian who desires to be bonded with the praying community of the Eldridge Carmel and who agrees with our statement of purpose and charism. If you feel drawn to such a call, contact:

Directress of Associates
Carmelite Monastery
17937 250th Street
Eldridge, Iowa 52748-9425

Please note:

At the present time, our quota for Associates and Spiritual Companions, living at a distance, is filled. However, those residing locally may still contact us.

If you live at a distance, please write us anyway. We will keep you on our list and we promise to pray for you. We will let you know when an opening occurs.



Prompted by the action of the spirit and a call from God, Associates of the Eldridge Carmel are people of faith who earnestly seek God and their own identities in their personal and corporate histories, and who strive to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by continuing His ministry of prayer on earth. Daily, they yield to the Presence of God in prayer enriched by the word of God.

Believing that prayer and the pursuit of the values of the interior life are closely connected with their Ultimate Concern, they desire to give witness to the same in their daily lives according to the Spirit of Carmel. Specifically, they strive to grow in love, selflessness and holiness of life through the cultivation of virtues which flow from the energy devoted to times of prayer and a LIFE OF PRAYER.

Associates continually strive to remain open to conversion, a result of prayer and of LIFE itself. They realize that if they take prayer seriously, they may be led along the way of darkness where they will be stripped of self and of all that is not God. They willingly embrace this way for they believe that it will lead them to integration, transformation and liberation, to God and to their TRUE SELVES.

Associates believe that a LIFE OF PRAYER is a work of God, is prophetic and apostolic, and thus is of benefit to the church and to the world.

This LIFE OF PRAYER includes not just the times of prayer but the totality of their lives.

Another way of being bonded with the Eldridge Carmel is through our Spiritual Companionship Program. Support and encouragement for the spiritual walk come about through correspondence. Write:

Spiritual Companionship
Carmelite Monastery
17937 250th Street
Eldridge, Iowa 52748-9425

Four times a year, our Carmel sends out inspirational mailings. This is an opportunity for you to list your specific prayer intentions. If you would like to be on our mailing list, either write to us at the address below or contact us by E-mail. Even if you are not on our mailing list, know that you are prayed for everyday. We encourage you to claim the power of prayer that hopefully goes out from our small monastery.

Carmelite Monastery
17937 250th Street
Eldridge, Iowa 52748-9425 U.S.A


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