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Sr. Margaret Dorgan, DCM

     Sr. Margaret Dorgan, DCM is a member of John of the Cross Monastery Hermitage, which is located in the town of Ellsworth, Maine. She entered the Discalced Carmelite Monastery of Concord, New Hampshire in 1946. There she was involved in novitiate training for ten years. Sister Margaret has a degree in philosophy from Harvard/Radcliffe. Her articles have appeared in Spiritual Life, Cross Currents, Review for Religious, Word & Spirit, and other publications. She has given workshops on spiritual development in this country, Canada and Ireland. Tapes may be purchased through Alba House Communications. Here is a list of some of the topics of her tapes.

Therese of Lisieux: The experience of Love and Mercy

Therese: Mystic of the Ordinary

Life-Giving Waters and the Thirst For God

Finding the God Within: The Message of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Life In The Trinity: Elizabeth of Dijon and the Trinitarian Dimension of Christian Mysticism

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Sr. Vilma Seelaus, OCD


Sr. Vilma Seelaus is a Carmelite from Barrington, Rhode Island, where she has served as prioress and formation directoress. She lectures with the Carmelite Forum and participates in inter-denominational monastic dialogue. She has been in constant dialogue with a broad spectrum of contemplative nuns and was a two-term President of "The Association of Contemplative Sisters." As an author, her interest is to offer a contemporary understanding of the presence of God in human life with a focus on the interface between psychological and spiritual realitties. Sr. Vilma's tapes are available through Alba House Communications. Here is a list of some of the topics:

God In The Human Story: Through The Eyes of Therese Of Lisieux

Theresa's Inner Journey to Transformed Consciousness

Live from your Center: Teresa and the Momentum of Prayer

Teresa of Availa: Human Liberation

Meditation on the Compost Heap: Crisis and Divine Transformation

Teresa's Way of Peacemaking in a Nuclear Age

Teresa, Feminism, and the Humanity of Christ

The Feminine in Prayer

Teresa: Beyond Individualism

The Mystery of Commitment

Live The Presence of God

The Self: Mirror of God

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Curriculum Vitae: Edmond J. Dunn St. Ambrose University Davenport, IA 52803

Rev. Edmond J. Dunn, Ph.D. is Chairperson of the Theology Department and Spiritual Director of the Seminary Department at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa. Dunn is native of Oxford, Iowa, a small farm community in the east central part of the state. A graduate of St. Ambrose College, Dunn holds Master of Divinity Degrees from Andover Newton Theological School and from Pope John XXIII National Seminary, and a master's degree in music from the University of Iowa. He earned his Ph.D. in systematic theology at Boston College in the Andover Newton - Boston College Joint Doctoral Program. He is author of Missionary Theology: Foundations in Development, published by University Press of America in 1980 and What Is Theology: Foundational and Moral, published by Twenty-Third Publications in 1998.

Dunn taught music and was head of the Religion Department at Regina High School in Iowa City, Iowa, from 1958 to 1967 with the exception of 1961 when he spent a year in Rome doing research in the paleography of Gregorian chant at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music as part of a proposed doctoral thesis in musicology at the University of Iowa.

In 1967 Dunn joined the Papal Volunteers and spent two year in Lima, Peru, teaching in a school for the physically handicapped, as well as in a school in a very poor area of the city. Upon his return he began his studies for ordained ministry. During the summer of 1970 he particpated in an archeological excavation in Israel as part of his biblical studies. He was ordained for the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, in 1972 and after his doctoral work has been teaching at St. Ambrose since 1975. He writes a weekly column, The Question Box, in the Davenport Catholic Messenger.


Sister Mary Jo Loebig, OCD





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