The DVD on Mother Cristina is silent as a mountain stream. I remember one, very humble, near Capdevŕnol (Gombrčn) that lowered silent for the ravine.


I never proved the water of the stream; on the other hand I have drunk, sip to sip, Mother's Cristina words. They are precise, soft and incisive, they come from a distance and they go deep because they are free words.


They are free words, say for a person that is not afraid neither ambitions anything. It is that she hardly needs anything, because - before God – se has thrown all overboard.


They are words that come from a distance (or of very close) because they are soaked in the Love that wraps the Word from the beginning, because in the Beginning it was the Word.


They are not some words on the topic of God that Mother Cristina has said starting from a human wisdom. They are words in those that one guesses all that God has made in mother Cristina.


They are words says before God, but the listener hears them as a call directed to him. The words that flow from the silence of God affect me and they help me to understand who I am and what I should do.


They are words that express the Good News that Christ has come with us and he loves us. The critic to the present world life is on a second plan.

The most important thing is the Good News.


It is a very rich mother Cristina’s life, because she really has Christ, who loves with pain and joy. It is very poor mother Cristina’s life, because she doesn't really have the riches of this world.


Mother's Cristina look is full with illusion and hope. It is the look of the Church that illuminates us with the illusion and the hope that the work of the faith that Christ has begun, will take it to term.


In summary: the word flows from the silence. The Word that is Christ flows of the Father's Silence. And the Word communicates us the Sacred Spirit that transfigures us from inside until sprinkle the world


Maybe after seeing mother Cristina's DVD we will be able to praise spontaneously to God: “We praise you, we bless you”. Maybe also we will be able to smile to the other ones, with the joy of the brothers.

Josep M. Rovira Belloso (Theologian)